The Inside Job

The most important lesson we can learn in life is to love ourselves.

And yet, so many people struggle with self-love, seeking love outside of themselves, versus within.

But, self-love is an inside job, the love of self.

It is accepting ourselves; every part of ourselves, with love and compassion, free from judgement and criticism.

With self-love,

We learn confidence from believing in ourselves.

We learn empathy from forgiving ourselves.

We learn understanding from seeing the best in ourselves.

We learn security from trusting ourselves.

But most importantly, loving ourselves empowers us..

to be responsible for our own happiness..

to free ourselves from the drama..

to set high standards in relationships..

to nourish our mind, body and soul..

to breathe..

to exhale..

to embrace the present..

to let go of the past..

and, to finally know..

that loving yourself ~ is the greatest love of all.


~ Be The Love You Never Received ~

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