What If…

For anyone who ever thought their breakup was a mistake, this one’s for you ~

What if we were meant to be together?

What if we started all over again from the beginning?

What if we laughed at each other’s jokes & mistakes?

What if you remembered my birthday & sent me flowers?

What if I gave you the remote to watch football & I watched it too?

What if we didn’t get lost all those times because you asked for directions?

What if I was nicer to your family & friends?

What if we talked through our disagreements instead of fighting?

What if we apologized when we hurt each other?

What if we stayed together & our love story became a Lifetime Movie?

Or, what if I was wrong?

What if I texted you & you didn’t text me back?

What if every time you tried to see me, I had an excuse?

What if I talked about my day & you didn’t hear a word I said?

What if you sent me flowers & I didn’t say thank you?

What if every time we had a conversation, it ended in an argument?

What if one of us met someone else & couldn’t stop thinking about that person?

What if we wanted to see them even though we were together?

And, what if we did?

What if we held their hands, kissed their lips & liked it?

What if we were finally honest with ourselves & each other?

What if this chapter in our lives is over & it’s time to begin a new one?

And, what if, that is the happiest ending & beginning for both of us?


People come into our lives for many reasons; they don’t always stay.

The Inside Job
The Invisible Woman
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