A Girl’s First Love

The relationship between a father and daughter is one of the most powerful influences in a girl’s journey to adulthood.

As a daughter, you grow up trusting your father.   He is there to protect you.

Pushing you to be the best you can be.  Catching you when you fall. Loving you when you are good, and loving you when you are bad.

So it’s no surprise, that the daughter who grows up with a supportive and loving father, tends to develop a stronger sense of self-worth and confidence.

She learns to develop healthier relationships with romantic partners.

And, the daughter who grows up with an abusive father learns to question her self-worth and confidence.

She confuses criticism with kindness; anger with caring; and shaming with love.

For he found ways to break your spirit, by projecting his insecurities onto you with mean words and actions.

And, you didn’t understand why.  How could you?  You were only a child.  So you spent a lot of time trying to please him.  Doing anything to make him love you.

Until, you realized it wasn’t going to change.  So, you accepted it…by believing you deserved it…

And, you deserved it by believing you were unworthy.

You buried those feelings deep inside, developing conscious and unconscious perceptions of what is acceptable in a romantic partner.

As you got older, and developed relationships with men; you trusted the men who reminded you of him.

Often believing that loving someone who hurt you ~  emotionally or physically ~ was normal.

So you continue to search for him.  Begging for a relationship with him; until ~ maybe you find him.

The first male love of your life…your father.


~ Stop searching to Start healing ~

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