Letter To Heaven

Dear Mom,

You never said I’m leaving,  so we never said goodbye.

Gone before we knew it.  Only God can answer why.

I know there must be reasons.  I just don’t agree.

That someone, whom I loved so much, was taken away from me.

Some days I try pretending that everything’s alright,

Some days it’s overwhelming, this pain I feel inside.

Some days I want to call with things I need to share,

Some days I try to understand, why you can’t be there.

Some days my spirit lightens, and a smile reappears,

Some days I close my eyes, and see your face so clear.

For remembering you is easy.  I do it every day.

But, there’s an ache within my heart that never goes away.

Love You Mom ~ Diana, Nikki, Vinnie, Pete, Nick, Samantha & Angelina

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