Heart To Heart

My Dear Sweet Beautiful Girl,

Why do you treat him like he has a heart like yours?  Not everyone can be as kind and caring as you are.

You only see the good in him.  The potential of who he could be…but you don’t see who he really is…

So you keep investing time, and energy…

Until, you realize that no amount of extra effort, on your part, will make up for the lack of effort on his.

For when you give love to the wrong person;  you beg for attention, affection, and commitment.

But, when you give love to the right person; he gives you all those things and more, without hesitation.

From my heart to your heart ~ with love ~

Staying in a relationship where someone treats you like an option, isn’t called love.  It’s called breaking your own heart.

To Him ~ remember that sweet, beautiful girl you didn’t appreciate?  Well,  someone else did.   And, he says “thank you”. 


In honor of LRC & MBS, thank you for always believing in me!

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