Forgiveness Is A Gift

I believe it is important to treat everyone in our life with kindness and consideration.

But, we are human, and humans make mistakes.

In that process,  our mistakes may hurt others and damage our relationships ~ at home ~ at work ~ with family ~ with friends.

Maybe it was a lapse in judgement, a moment of frustration.

We spoke too soon, or we said too much.

To make it right, we apologize and all should be forgiven ~ or ~ maybe not.

I used to believe that an apology, with genuine sincerity, meant forgiveness.

But, over time, I’ve come to learn that an apology does not always guarantee forgiveness.

People have choices.  They can choose not to accept your apology.

Debating the hurt and justifying the action is our attempt to control how another person thinks and feels.

An emotional negotiation in which you are powerless.

So the real question is, what do you do when someone won’t forgive you?

The answer is actually quite simple ~ you have the power of choice.

Choice is a gift.  You choose to forgive yourself and let the healing begin.

For in the end, how someone responds to your apology doesn’t make them terrible or you terrible ~ it makes us human.


~ Forgiveness is the gift we give to “ourselves” ~

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