Dear Amazing Self ~

Life is full of many challenges, and there may be times when you doubt, or question why things happen the way they do.

If I could give you one “special gift” to keep in your heart, and carry with you; it would be the gift of faith.

Faith begins by believing in your heart, that what is right in this world has a chance, and good will overcome evil.

Faith is peaceful, and comforting because it comes from within, a place where no one can invade your private thoughts, and dreams.

Faith is not something you demand or command; it is your commitment to a higher power.

Faith is believing in something that you cannot see or hear; it is something deep inside that only you can understand.

Faith is trusting in yourself, and knowing that no matter how things turn out; you will make the best of them.

To my precious Nicholas, Samantha & Angelina ~

Never lose faith in yourself, and never doubt your abilities.  Always be kind to yourself, and others.  And, always remember how much you are loved!

Your presence in my life is a Gift from God ~ Love You ~ Aunt Di

The You In Me
Unspoken Truth

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