Ain’t It The Truth

Some people don’t love you.  Hell, they don’t even care about you.

They just want the connection, because they love the benefits.

So, they do…just enough…A phone call here.  A text there.  Or the classic “maxi-min” ~ drinks, dinner, movies ~

What they’re really doing is maintaining the connection, for what they want; when they want it.  For what they need; when they need it.

Sometimes, it’s so hard to see the truth ~ even harder is accepting it.

Well, here’s the truth; plain and simple.

Stop wasting your time, and your energy on Emotional Danglers?

It’s not that you’re asking too much; you’re just asking the wrong person.

So riddle me this…

How many times can you ask the same questions, and get the same answers.  Then hope for different answers to the same questions?

You decide!


Truths don’t lie; they set you free!

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